5 Podcasts To Listen To Before Your Next Adventure

5 Podcasts To Listen To Before Your Next Adventure

Looking for a little inspiration for your next adventure? Check out our top 5 episodes (plus a bonus) from the Life in Motion Podcast in 2020. Listen to stories from backcountry adventures, go overlanding with veterans, find some surprises on the trail, learn about what it takes to be a stuntman, keep your body going with neurokinetic therapy and see what van life is all about. Tune into your favorite story below and get ready for your next adventure!

1. Unleashing Your Full Potential: An interview with Nate Gillette of No Barriers

Nate Gillette grew up exploring the outdoors in Central Pennsylvania, which is where his love for adventure came from. Soon after graduating Penn State Nate stumbled upon the nonprofit, No Barriers, whose mission is help others achieve what they never thought was possible. He’s led hundreds of trips as the backcountry programs manager, helping veterans and our youth alike. Find out how Nates is able to make an impact through his love for the outdoors.

2. Supporting Our Veterans One Adventure At A Time: An interview with Bobby Raetz of Team Overland

Team Overland is a nonprofit that provides guided outdoor adventures for veterans, their families and civilian supporters. They believe the great outdoors and a little comradery can go a long way when it comes to healing old wounds. Each adventure is filled with rafting, camping, hiking and everything in between. It only makes sense why Bobby Raetz is so passionate as he shares his story.

3. Tales From The Trail: An interview with 37 North Expedition Guides Emily Wilson and Cindy Willis 

Have you ever hiked with a goat? What about opening a bottle of champagne with a sword after a long day in the woods? Well, if you’ve ever been on a 37 North Expedition trip, then these are the things you might come to expect. Listen as Emily Wilson and Cindy Willis tell us all about 37 North Expeditions, and even share their favorite tales from the trail.

4. Be The Adventure: An interview with stuntman, pro bike rider and overall thrill seeker; Mike Escamilla

Mike Escamilla is a professional BMX rider and a professional stuntman, the life basically every kid dreams of. From traveling the world to having his own signature shoe and even his own video game character on Mat Hoffman’s Pro BMX, Mike is a walking bucket list. Find out what’s kept him motivated all these years.

5. It's All Connected: Neurokinetic Therapy and Emotion Code with Merry Stevenson of Zenith Sports Massage

Whether you’re hiking the Appalachian Trail, or taking a quick bike ride into town, aches and pains are inevitable. Unfortunately what’s causing the issue isn’t always so obvious, but that’s where Merry Stevenson of Zenith Sports Massage steps in. Find out how she uses neurokinetic therapy and emotion code to pinpoint the problem area to help you get ready for your next adventure.

BONUS. Down Sizing: Converting to Van Life with Matt and Grace

Most couples think about settling down in a nice neighborhood, with a white picket fence, but not Matt and Grace. They created their own version of the American Dream when they opted for the perfect van, instead of the perfect home. Listen as they share they’re perfectly logical reason for ditching it all for a life on the road.

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