About us

There’s a voice in your head. You hear it every day at work, school, or on the drive home. Getting louder all the time, a constant reminder, a murmur, like your heartbeat. It cuts through the mundane like a knife. Pushing you closer to the edge of your seat, yet you hesitate. You know the voice, it’s the one that tells you to just drop everything and leave. The one that you had since you were a kid and rode your bike without training wheels for the first time, scared to death, screaming your head off while racing downhill. It shouts, “freedom” and puts a nervous chill down your spine. It’s the spirit of adventure and it has just one goal: “Go".

But the only question is will you answer its call?

Illumine Collect makes the gear that fuels the fire. We want to provide you with the stuff that pushes you across the country. Leave the area code, heck, leave the continent. Chase your dreams and find that rush on foot, bike, or board. If adventure is a fire than we want to be that spark. Whether on mountains, waves, sand, or trails, we got your back.

Started in 2017, Illumine Collect is the culmination of founder Jeremy Lux’s journey as an entrepreneur, athlete, and adventurer. Action sports have taken him across the globe, and he wants to take you along for the ride.

Our style is light, fun and comes with a twist; we team up with nonprofit partners and businesses that better our world and communities. These organizations span all over the globe, from the streets of Philadelphia to the shores of Peru, mentoring and educating physically disabled and at-risk youth, and youth athletes, as well as leading sustainability programs that clean up the beaches and trails we love so much.

Illumine means light and our mission is to be that beacon of inspiration and ignite the adventure you’ve been waiting for. Our advice? Feed the fire. Listen to that voice in your head and go free your spirit.