About us

Welcome to the illumine community! we’re so happy you found us. Here at Illumine Collect, we make adventure-inspiring clothing to build communities that give back.

We believe in making a positive impact on the communities and places we care about by partnering with nonprofits that make the outdoors more accessible, sustainable and welcoming by showing people what’s possible through community connection and involvement with causes that matter. 

Illumine Collect Adventure Apparel

Started in 2017, Illumine collect was born out of the experience and vision of founder Jeremy Lux. As an athlete and all around adventurer, action sports took Jeremy across the globe. Now his mission is to give back to the outdoor and action sports communities that changed his life.

Illumine Collect Adventure Apparel
Our style is light, fun and comes with a twist; we team up with nonprofit partners and businesses that better our world and communities. These organizations span all over the globe, from the streets of Philadelphia to the shores of Peru, mentoring and educating physically disabled and at-risk youth, and youth athletes, as well as leading sustainability programs that clean up the beaches and trails we love so much.

Illumine means light and our mission is to be a beacon of inspiration that ignites the adventure you’ve been waiting for while allowing you to build communities that matter.