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We partner with nonprofits that make the outdoors more accessible, sustainable and welcoming by donating 20% of each purchase to support their mission.

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Illumine Collect Adventure Apparel - Jeremy Lux

Why Illumine

For years, I was lucky enough to travel, meet new people and experience the world in ways I couldn't imagine. All because of my love for bikes and the outdoors.

In 2017 I decided to help others experience the same thing by starting Illumine, but I knew I couldn't do it alone.

The mission was simple - make adventure inspiring apparel to build outdoor communities that give back.

Now 5 years later we've donated $26,578 to nonprofits that are making the outdoors more accessble, sustainble and welcoming.

Find what inspires you and help make an impact while doing it. Together we can make a difference.

Here's to your next adventure!



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