5 Podcasts To Get You Fired Up For Your Next Adventure

5 Podcasts To Get You Fired Up For Your Next Adventure

Check out our 5 favorite podcasts from over the years (plus a bonus) from people who are living out their dreams. You’ll hear from minimalists, van lifers, snowboarders, community builders and world travelers. Tune into your favorite story and get ready for your next adventure! 

1. Down Sizing: Converting to Van Life with Matt and Grace

Matt and Grace aren’t like most Millennial couples. Listen as they share why they made the decision to sell everything to buy a van and live life on the road. It’s a drastic change from the typical American Dream of the white picket fence and manicured lawn but they're confident that the transient life is the life for them.

2. Be The Adventure: An interview with stuntman, pro bike rider and overall thrill seeker; Mike Escamilla

There aren’t many things that Mike Escamilla hasn’t done, and there aren’t many places he hasn’t traveled. As a pro BMX rider, stuntman for major movies, world traveler and even his own video game character in Mat Hoffman’s Pro BMX, he’s basically a walking bucket list. Find out why he won’t be throwing in the towel anytime soon. 

3. Keeping things minimal: A call with Rily Sanders

Rily lives a simple life, and that’s just how he likes it. The Oklahoma native has spent weeks, even months driving around North America, pitching tents, making fires, sleeping outside, sometimes even waking up to grizzlies. Listen how he keeps things to a minimum so that he can truly experience the great outdoors. 

4. Win Win: Living the snowboarding dream with Eli McDermott

For 17-year-old Eli McDermott, the saying “No pain, no gain,” takes a completely different meaning. And by pain, we’re singing to the tune of about two broken arms, multiple concussions, and plenty of gnarly rips and bruises along the way. Why is a 17-year-old going through all this trouble and injury? Is he a masochist? A bare knuckle boxer, maybe? No, McDermott has a passion that skirts along the unforgiving snowboard slopes of mountains across the world. 

5. BMX racing and youth development with Domonique Smith

When it comes to the ins-and-outs of competitive BMX, sponsorships, and races there is more than meets the eye. From the local circuit, to duking it out with Olympic riders, to tearing down the trail on the national level in Azerbaijan, Dominique Smith has a unique view of the BMX industry from her position as a rising star and advocate for her youth riding group Duke City Development. For the latest installation of the Life in Motion podcast, Jeremy Lux chats with Smith on how she managed to go pro and help cultivate the BMX scene in her native Albuquerque.

BONUS. Keeping The Snowboarding Dream Alive with Will Rivera

Will Rivera may not have children of his own, but he knows a thing or two about mentoring and raising up the spirits of young athletes in the snowy mountains of Colorado. A professional snowboarder turned instructor, Rivera has spent the last 20 years showing young athletes what it takes to shred, dominate the competition, as well as succeed in life off the slopes. For Rivera, it’s a gratification no sponsorship, trophy, or paycheck can give.

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