5 Stories To Read Before Your Next Adventure

5 Stories To Read Before Your Next Adventure

Need an excuse to get ready for your next adventure? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with our top 5 Life in Motion blog post (plus a bonus) from 2020. Read what it takes to hike the 2,189 mile Appalachian Trail, the impact of introducing thousands of kids to the great outdoors has, how a bike can change your life forever, what it takes to start an outdoor guide company, the benefits of citywide greenways and how to build a community around mountain biking. Thumb through your favorite below then head out there in search for your own adventure! 

1. Packing Away Your Fears

Packing Away Your Fears - Hiking The Appalachian Trail

To some hiking the 2,189 Appalachian Trail for 144 days from Maine to Georgia may seem like an impossible task. Then there’s Heather Machelle, or Lavender if you’re going by her trail name. Find out what led her to her journey, how she prepared for it and the challenges she faced along the way. Read more...

2. Raising A New Generation Of Adventurers 

Raising A New Generation Of Adventurers - Virginia Outside

Tee Clarkson has always had a love for the outdoors, in fact him and his brother were basically raised there. From hiking in the woods, to finding ponds to fish, there was never any shortage of places to explore. Now as the founder of Virginia Outside he’s able to pass that same love for the outdoors to thousands of kids. Find out why he thinks the outdoors are so important and how he’s raising a new generation of adventurers. Read more...

3. Keeping The Demons At Bay

Keeping The Demons At Bay - Luke Hall Thaden School Gravel Bike Coach

Imagine being so passionate about something that nothing can get in your way. Not even a moving car. Luke Hall has a love for cycling; from mountain bikes and gravel rides to bike packing. In fact he won his first race, barely six months after getting hit by a car. Now as the coach for the first ever high school gravel team he’s well on his way to showing kids the positive impact cycling can have. Read more...

4. Life On The Trail

Life on the Trail - Danny Collins 37 North Expeditions

Danny Collins left the Ozarks for the Big Apple, only to find himself right back where he started years later. It may have been that the New York job wasn’t cutting it for him, or maybe there was just too much to explore in the Ozarks. Most likely it was the latter, which is why  he decided to start his own outdoor guiding company, 37 North Expeditions. Find out how their unique experiences open people up to adventure in ways they never thought possible. Read more...

5. More Than Just A Path In The Woods

More Than Just A Path In The Woods - Ozark Greenways

Trails and sidewalks are more than just another place to ride your bike or go for a run. For Mary and John of Ozark Greenways these paths are a network that connects their community. They’re on a mission to not only build more trails, but to make trails more accessible. Find out how, as well as that one time they found an alligator on the trail, in the middle of Missouri. Read more...

BONUS. The Trails They Will Blaze

The Trails They Will Blaze - Jessica Pearson TrailSpring

Jessica Pearson has a love for two wheeled adventures, so it only makes sense that she’s the executive director for the nonprofit, TrailSpring. They’re on the mission of cultivating the mountain bike scene in Springfield Missouri and the region that surrounds it. Find out what they’re doing to grow the community by creating regional events to make the Ozarks a mountain bike destination. Read more...

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