Our Story

Jeremy Lux sums up the core beliefs of Illumine Collect.

“I grew up in a small town in Virginia,”


For Jeremy Lux, riding BMX was not only a way to hang out after school, it was an escape from the ordinary. As he explains, “[action sports] gave us something to do in a small town where there was literally nothing to do other than get into trouble.” From these experiences, Lux learned some life lessons in passion, drive, and persistence; values that are passed on in the spirit of Illumine and the partners we sponsor.

Inspiring others through action sports


The essence of Illumine Collect is in the name, or as Lux says, “Illumine means to inspire others through action sports, and collect, a group of people coming together to support a common cause.” Whether its BMX, skateboarding, snowboarding, surfing or mountain biking, we have the spark to ignite your passion and the fire that sheds a positive light on sports all over the world. For Lux, its all about community. Whether it be through the retailers, partners, and athletes. We’re altogether to raise a common cause. Cleaner beaches, better education, and brighter futures for our youth athletes and at-risk kids.

Education and Sustainability: Giving back to our communities and our planet


“There are two causes we aim to support and that is education and sustainability.” With action sports there seems to be a bit of domino effect, as in sports play into good habits, good merits, good mentors, and great experiences. For the weekend warrior or adventurer, it makes sense to keep our planet clean, so we can keep doing the things we love on it. That is why Illumine is proud to support organizations that lead sustainability programs from BMX, skateboarding, surfing, snowboarding, to mountain biking.

Taking Action and Making an Impact


If it’s three things that ties all our partners together it’s health, wellness, and sustainability. Whether it’s Springfield, Missouri’s Trailspring organization, bringing the community together through mountain biking and trail preservation, or New York’s Waves for Development, touching lives on the shores of Peru and Mexico, Illumine Collect supports partners that are making a change. Not only does our clothing say “inspire” but we inspire adventure and education through the organizations we sponsor abroad. Igniting adventure one partner at a time.