The story behind TrailSpring

The story behind TrailSpring

We wanted to kick off Illumine by partnering with TrailSpring for many reasons, but let's start with their story. A nonprofit with passion for mountain biking and the great outdoors. Individuals with strong goals and commitment. Everything needed to make something great. 

TrailSpring came together as a way to promote sustainability, health and wellbeing in Southwest Missouri. It's about building a community around mountain biking, all for the love of multi use and natural surface trails. 

Their largest trail system is Two Rivers, which has over 14 miles of trails and singletrack for the mountain bike and hiking community to use as they please. 

As with any nonprofit, the backbone of their organization are its volunteers, community partners and other supporters. Throughout the year there are volunteer workdays to build and maintain each trail. They keep the trails running smooth and safe, giving you an awesome experience every visit.  

You can also find your local bike shops at the trails demoing bikes, and even pitching a hand. Some of these guys include Sunshine Bike Shop and Cycles Unlimited. 

In the fall, TrailSpring host one of the largest festivals in Southwest Missouri, Singletrack Mind. Three days filled with live music, family friendly events and various mountain bike contests, from enduro to downhill. 

We're excited to have such a great partner in our own back yard; right where our shirts, hoodies and headwear are produced. We're even more excited that through the partnership we've been able to raise over $500 to donate back. The best part yet? We still have a little less than a month to grow that number. If you like what you see, grab your favorite shirt or hat, because with each purchase we give back 20% to TrailSpring! 


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