Where's your day trip going to take you?

Where's your day trip going to take you?

Wether it's a day trip, or a month long getaway, it's hard not to be stoked on a new adventure. From the rocky coast along the Pacific to the underwater preserves, Salt Point State Park in California has plenty of it. Our friend Chanel was lucky enough to do some much needed exploring there. Check out her photos and story below. Oh and don't forget to check her out on Instagram (@chanelvarasteh)! 

Rocky Coast of Salt Point
Would you dare? 

"Sometimes you just need a quick escape away from the regular routines and we try to get out to explore as much as we can! We set out on a quick day trip up to Salt Point State Park and didn't know what to expect. We started the drive after we were both off work, so it was pitch black the whole drive there and vividly remember a lot of winding roads! I think that's the most exciting part - starting your day, waking up somewhere new and making the most of a short trip. No matter if it's a fast day trip or several days, those new experiences are beyond worth it!" 

Sea shells by the sea shore

Pacific Coast

Where will you go next? 

Don't forget the picture
Capturing the moment in the Explorer Tee. 


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