Let's go surfin' now - WAVES for Development

Let's go surfin' now - WAVES for Development

Spring is here, and the tide has turned! Have you heard? We're stoked to announce our partnership with WAVES for Development.

WAVES has done some amazing things during the past 10 years with sustainable surf trips that give back through voluntourism. It all started when a group of local and international surfers came together on the beaches of Northern Peru in 2004. Their desire to help local youth with little resources to enjoy surfing has propelled their impact over the years. 

WAVES helps brings others together through traveling, surf related grassroots initiatives and community members in Peru, Nicaragua, and Mexico, with more on the way. 

Surfs up

Their mission? 

"WAVES for Development believes that surf travel should benefit the people and the communities where it happens. We connect the dots between volunteering, traveling to surf, community-based tourism and grassroots initiatives."

To highlight some of the awesome things they've done since 2004: 

  • Over 14,000 volunteer hours by 447 travelers 
  • More than $350K in grants given to grassroots initiatives
  • Community impact through education and infrastructure, including over 30 concrete floors installed in homes via a micro loan fund and volunteers 
  • Provide inspiration and support to a variety of social enterprise in Peru and beyond. 

We're looking forward to supporting WAVES mission by helping them create adequate and appropriate spaces for learning, sharing and having fun! 

Shop our collection to help give back. Also, keep an eye out for new items being released over the next few weeks. 

Water, Adventure, Voluntourism, Education, Sustainability - now that's something we can get behind! 

Giving back to the local youth


Follow their adventure here: Instagram | Facebook | Twitter 


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