Gratitude in the Amazon

Gratitude in the Amazon

You never know where you might find some inspiration. Life's funny like that. Last week we stumbled upon Saige's photos at a local middle school art show. It's refreshing to see the impact a single trip can have on someone, even if they're only in the 8th grade. Check out her photo's and a quick story from her trip below! 

"Heat and humidity, two words you can associate with South America. I stayed on an island, about 259 miles north of the equator, completely surrounded by the Amazon River.

The landscape was alluring, but what really amazed me was the gratitude of the people who reside here. The condition of their living was baffling. Each one of their homes had dirt floors. In flood zones, buildings, sidewalks, and homes are on stilts. Any materials they had were from that island, because transporting materials over the river is extremely difficult.

Though these people are facing such issues, they are content with what they have. They don't value material things like Americans, instead they value each others well being.

Going there and seeing how happy these people are with what they have really opened my eyes. It made me reevaluate my priorities. I think if everyone got to experience what I had, it would change a lot of people's outlook on what truly is important and change people's attitude towards one another."

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