A trip through The Great North - Part 1

A trip through The Great North - Part 1

If there's anyone we know that loves adventure and experiencing new things it's Rily and Al. When their summer was over, rather than running back to their jobs they decided to take an extended vacation to see what Canada had to offer. With over 30 days on the road there was plenty to be seen. Follow their journey filled with black bears, improv camp sites and everything in between. Be on the look out for part 2 next week. Oh and check them out on Instagram: @rilesdialed87 - @alfarrugia 

Rily and the Black Bear

Driving hundreds of miles across the Trans Canadian Highway can be rough on any vehicle. While changing a flat down by a stream a black bear, shortly on the other side, approached us while everything was out of the car to get the spare. With a pocket knife, axe, and bear spray as our only defense we waited to see if he was going to get close or be aggressive for food. Luckily he wasn't interested and moved on. After changing the flat and few miles down the road, we spotted the same black bear by the road not scared of how close we came.


Labrador City

We drove 10 hours from Quebec up to Labrador City in the rain. With dirt roads and max speeds of only 45mph, surely we were going to miss out on amazing views. After passing major hydro dams, reservoirs and logging areas we realized it was nothing short of a good view. With no campsites available in Labrador City, we ventured to the outskirts on side roads until we found a spot overlooking the entire town. We set up our tent in the rain and wind at dark as the lights brightened the iron ore mining town below. As we woke with the sunrise, the clouds cleared, giving us a 360 degree panoramic view. We could have stayed there all day gazing, but we knew we were just getting started.

Happy Valley Goose Bay

With campsites limited in Labrador, we had about 2 hours before dark to find somewhere before running out of daylight. Rock quarries were our best bet considering they were clear of trees and we wouldn't have to worry as much about our fire. One of our favorite spots was just outside Happy Valley Goose Bay in a quarry next to a rushing river. We did have a visitor there with us, but were glad he didn't want to hang around.

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