A trip through The Great North - Part 3

A trip through The Great North - Part 3

The adventure continues with Part 3 of Rily and Al's trip. Gros Morne clearly has some amazing views and the Newfoundland sunsets are nothing short of amazing. See more below, and as always don't forget to check them out on Instagram: @rilesdialed87 - @alfarrugia. Check back next week for the last part of their trip! 

Gros Morne National Park

We rolled into Gros Morne National Park early morning and spent half of the day hiking in the rain and other half relaxing at our campsite. It was only 10 feet from the water. Crazy to think that 30 feet out the depth of the water dropped 100 feet. Just before calling it a night we heard whales come into the cove with their loud blow holes when coming up for air. Guess we know why it's so deep now! The next day we took the hiking trails to waterfalls, tablelands, and cliffs that overlooked the Atlantic. We'd been looking forward to this place since the beginning of our journey and could've spent weeks seeing all the park has to offer. Of course we saved the best trail for last, which was a hike up to a 360 view of almost the entire park. After an hour of taking in the beautiful landscape we decided to play it safe and head back before sundown. 



Sunrise in Newfoundland 

We woke up early to catch the sunrise and to get a fresh start on our trek out east to the island of Newfoundland. We cruised the small highways along the north coast soaking in the culture and sites. Found an amazing spot to Set up camp by the ocean and watched an amazing sunset as the waves crashed on to the rocky coast.



Terra Nova National Park

We felt like we could have spent a week at the spot we camped at the night before but we kept moving southeast on the coast to Terra Nova National Park. It was the first to be established in Newfoundland and part of the Appalachians The views were full of coves and islands right off the coast. We checked out a few hiking trails with small waterfalls and lookouts over nearly the entire park. With sunny skies and light winds we couldn't have asked for a better day.

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