8 Podcast That Will Leave You Searching For Your Next Adventure

8 Podcast That Will Leave You Searching For Your Next Adventure

We’ve been busy over the last couple of months searching for the best stories about adventure, the outdoors and giving back to others to share on the Life in Motion Podcast. So, here are 8 episodes that will leave you inspired and ready to embark on your own journey. 

Keep scrolling to hear what it’s like to travel the world as a family by boat and RV, how the love of coffee can support our veterans, learn what voluntourism is all about, what it’s like sharing winter sports with 1,000’s of kids, the challenges of summiting the closest place to space on earth, how to build a mountain bike community, the trials and tribulations of hiking the Appalachian Trail, and what it’s like to redefine motherhood through adventure. Tune into the Life in Motion Podcast and listen to what inspires you! 

1. The Adventure Doesn't Stop There: An interview with Matt & Cristen of Keyword Adventure

Matt & Cristen have the typical love story. After meeting at an outdoor outfitter, the obvious first date was a hiking trip. As the years went on their adventures kept getting bigger and better. Now they spend their time traveling the country in an RV and sailing the coast with their son Eric. Tune in to see how they’re able to live a life on the road as a family.

2. Brewing Better Days: An interview with Eric Hadley of Got Your Six Coffee

As an Engineering Officer for the Military Sealift Command Eric Hadley has been to 59 different countries. Of course these experiences only grew his love for adventure, but he had no idea they would inspire him to start Got Your Six Coffee. Each cup gives back to veterans, EMT's, LEO's, firefighters and their families. Find out how.  

3. Where Travel Meets Good: An interview with Adam Kunes of Have Fun Do Good

What is Voluntourism? Adam Kunes got to experience it first hand during his 100 day semester at sea where he spent his time traveling the world and giving back to the places he visited. Once he got back stateside he founded Have Fun Do Good, a travel guide company with a twist. With each trip they volunteer with local nonprofits to give back to the communities they travel to. See what they’re all about. 

4. Winter Is For Everyone: An interview with Constance Beverley of Share Winter Foundation

If you want something bad enough you have to think outside the box. That’s exactly what Constance Beverley did when she fell in love with snowboarding. From finding creative ways to get on the slopes, to scoring some free lessons, nothing was going to stop her. Now as the CEO of Share Winter Foundation she’s helping 1,000’s of kids like her get on the slopes for little or no cost. See how she’s helping others follow their passion. 

5. Never Been So Close To Space: Summiting Cotopaxi and Chimborazo with Danny Collins of 37 North Expeditions

South America has some beautiful places, but who knew it has the closest place to space on earth? Danny Collins of 37 North Expeditions decided it was time to check it out when he summited both Cotopaxi and Chimborazo. Find out the challenges he faced, as well as how to prepare for such a feat. 

6. Building A Community Around Mountain Bike Trails: An interview with Lilo and John of rvaMORE

Mountain bikes are more than a form of just transportation or weekend activity. These bikes also help create a sense of community. Nobody knows that more than Lilo Navales and John Nixon of rvaMORE. They’ve helped build over 75 miles of multi-use trails in Virginia and they’re just getting started. See the impact they’re having. 

7. The Unlikely Thru-Hiker: Taking on the 2,190 mile Appalachian Trail with Derick Lugo

It’s not everyday you wake up in New York City and decide you’re going to thru-hike the 2,000 plus mile Appalachian Trail. Well, that’s exactly what Derick Lugo did, even after not knowing anything about hiking or camping. There were some challenges, but he got it done and now there’s no turning back on his love for the outdoors. 

8. Redefining Motherhood: An interview with Justine Nobbe of Adventure Mamas Initiative

Most people think that your life (and adventures) are over once you have kids, but Justine Nobbe wasn’t willing to accept that. After her first child she decided to build a community around motherhood, allowing women to connect while sharing their experiences. Now Adventure Mamas Initiative is a nation-wide community that offers not only outdoor expeditions and workshops, but emotional support as well.

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